We’re happy to have you here with us for the launch of the new and improved Last Licks Online.
Please check back often, as we will have the locations of upcoming concerts listed here, band updates and soon, a webstore.
Thanks again for visiting and rock on.


-Last Licks


Comments (2)

  1. John Gillis
    December 15, 2016

    I had to write. You guys are hands down the best cover band in the world. Not blowing smoke here. I am in a cover band. I know. The difficulty factor of some of these songs you guys do is off the charts. I swear, many are BETTER than the studio versions. You guys are very impressive. Truly a gifted group. Stunning covers. ok, enough. Just had to say something.

  2. Linda Anderson
    August 08, 2017

    Remo….Do you still have that orange one size only Last Licks t-shirt.
    You showed it to me at your concert at Walnut Hill Park….Can I still
    purchase it?


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