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Apr 02, 2016 phyland 0 comments
Welcome To The New Last Licks Website

  We’re happy to have you here with us for the launch of the new and improved Last Licks Online. Please check back often, as we will have the locations of upcoming concerts listed here, band updates and soon, a webstore. Thanks again for visiting and rock on. Sincerely, -Last Licks

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Comments (8)

  1. Bill Wilson
    April 02, 2016

    Hi! Let us know what you think of the new site!

    • Katrina Freund
      April 05, 2016

      The site rocks! love all the pictures! very user friendly!

      • Sticky
        July 20, 2016

        I like to party, not look arlictes up online. You made it happen.

      • bill norris
        August 11, 2016

        Super impressive Mr Wilson! Very enticing and a definite draw for the eyes!

    • Mark Butler
      June 04, 2016

      Just stumbled upon your band last month, and my wife and I are COMPLETELY blown away! Excellent set lists and top caliber musicians! We will be looking for updates. Y’all would seriously blow people away here in the Southeast! Tuscaloosa, AL has a wonderful new mid-sized amphitheater that is packing people in, showing a real hunger for live “rock music”. Every “classic-rock” act booked so far has been a massive sell-out. Great job, guys!

  2. Karen LaBreck
    April 02, 2016

    Love the new site. Very easy to navigate!

  3. Lee
    August 07, 2016

    Last Licks, I randomly discovered your band on YouTube a few hours ago…can’t stop watching the vids!, best cover of Roundabout EVER!!. McCartney, Queen, Zep, Frampton, just amazingly well done, but you guys did Roundabout without faking half of it, I mean wow!!.. Would love to hear you cover Watcher Of The Skies by Genesis. Greatly appreciate the quality with which you guys carry the torch!. .

  4. roger
    August 13, 2016

    Im a guitarist who has played in many bands over the years…….you guys are spot on…..great keyboards…….