In Memoriam

Steve Shore: 1955-2009

Last Licks Guys With Steve Shore
Last Licks With Steve Shore

Steve Shore, singer, bass player and a founding member of Last Licks, was not only an extrordinary musician but an amazing person. We lost Steve in March 2009 to cancer and we miss him every day. But we take a solace in the idea that he would be very happy that the band carried on, and with every note we play, we honor his memory.

After Steve passed, the Steve Shore Recovery Trust (SSRT) was established to honor Steve’s legacy.

Although the first incarnation of the band, with Steve, had a slightly different flavor, the band continues the same basic philosophy. We’re playing the music we love, for the love of the music, and for no other reason. Below are some clips from these early days.

Sister Christian – Hungry Tiger Cafe Manchester

Good Lovin’ Gone Bad – Blackboard Cafe (Steve’s last gig)

Going to California – Blackboard Cafe (Steve’s last gig)